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We help our clients thrive in a connected world with products, services and platforms that transform the consumer experience.

Waves of new digital products and services have changed the rhythm and structure of the consumer experience. It has become fragmented into a series of loosely controlled moments that may happen in-store, at a bus stop, or anywhere in between.


Fortunately, powerful new software tools enable us to orchestrate these discontinuous moments. We can stage them over time, make them context-relevant, and personalize the entire experience for every market segment.

We immerse ourselves in the problem to identify insights and opportunities.

We start with in-depth research—understanding the nature of the problem and studying human behavior. We then synthesize our findings to identify insights and areas of opportunity. The resulting vision serves as a springboard for concept generation.

Through a rapid, iterative process, we create, test & evolve competing product concepts.

Multi-disciplinary teams of strategists, designers and technologists brainstorm concepts and prioritize features. We build prototypes based on the strongest ones, testing them with consumers and learning from the results. Because the process is iterative, we continually improve upon the ideas.

We finalize and build the launch-ready product, then implement a plan for the future.

As we prepare to bring the product or service to market, we execute a combination of design, development and content creation to make it real. We then test it with customers, refine it, and create an optimization plan to analyze performance and user behavior post-launch.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Strategists, designers and technologists work together throughout the duration of a project.

Each discipline is always involved, though at varying levels. We place greater emphasis on strategy up front, relying more heavily on design while concepting, and development during the build.

The office layout supports this collaborative approach. Strategists and designers sit next to developers and producers — there are no silos or barriers to overcome. Disciplines are in constant communication.


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